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Edgar Kennedy, Oliver Hardy, and Stan Laurel in TWO TARS (1928).

Edgar Kennedy, Oliver Hardy, and Stan Laurel in Two Tars (1928).

  • July 2024. Added pages for Oh Boy!, The Boss, The Master Hand, The Evil Thereof, and The Case of Becky. Added photos for Rookies and Intolerance. Added postcard for A Lady of Quality. Added program for The Covered Wagon at Grauman's Egyptian Theatre.
  • June 2024. Added pages for The Enemy Sex, One Stormy Orphan, Ladies Must Love, The Dawn Maker, and War Feathers. Added photo for Till You Come Back to Me. Added Madame X (1920) lobby card. Added two programs for the Newcastle Paramount Theatre and program for the Leeds Paramount Theatre. Added postcard for Tess of the D'Urbervilles (1913) and The Covered Wagon.
  • May 2024. Added pages for The Big Show, King of the Kongo, Madame Jealousy, The Champion, Mama's Little Pirate, Four Faces West, Play Straight or Fight, Sun Shines Bright, Camille (1936), Caught in the End (1917), Phantom Justice, When a Queen Loved O'Rourke, and Salomy Jane (1923). Added photos for The Kiss, Son of the Sheik, and The Eagle. Added Boston Capitol Theatre and New York Paramount Theatre programs. Added postcards for Three Bad Men and Careers.
  • April 2024. Added pages for Wild West Love, Our Hospitality, Resurrection (1931), Men o' War, Tol'able David (1930), Today, Dangerous to Know, The Sporting Duchess, Blondie of the Follies,  and Flaming Fathers. Added photos for Free Love, A Girl Named Mary, The Patsy, The Night Watch, The Yellow Lily, Irene, The Night of Love, and Careers. Added Falls Theatre, Bridgman Theatre, Strand Theater, Warner Theatre, and Highway Theater programs.
  • March 2024. Added pages for The Big Killing, Captain Swagger, Little Accident, The Virgin Queen, Coquette, The Danger Signal, and A Daughter of the Wolf. Added photos for The Cardboard Lover, Putting Pants on Philip, and Lilac Time. Added thirteen New Plaza theater programs. Added herald for While the City Sleeps.
  • February 2024. Added pages for Tin Gods, The Iron Mask, The Claim, Affinities, Bare-Fisted Gallagher, A Bird's a Bird, and Youth to Youth. Added photos for Her Dangerous Path, Ella Cinders, Woman on the Run, Dangerous Blondes, and Lost - A Wife. Added postcards for The Prisoner of Zenda (1913), Soldiers of Fortune, Irene, and Tess of the D'Urbervilles (1913). Added twelve programs for the New Plaza theater.
  • January 2024. Added pages for Cupid Forcloses, The Flying Ace, Strictly Confidential, and Fallen Arches. Added photos for Firemen, Save My Child, The Dove, and The Big Parade. Added Mark Strand Theater, Loew's State (Buffalo), and Allerton Theater programs. Added Ramona (1916) program. Added Colleen Moore publicy photo. Added postcard for Vanity Fair.
  • December 2023. Added pages for Those Redheads from Seattle and Prunela. Added photos for Quality Street and The Rush Hour. Added arcade card for College. Added program for the Fox Locust Theatre.
  • November 2023. Added pages for On Trial, Paramount on Parade, Free Love, Twenty Million Sweethearts, Syncopation, Soldiers of Fortune, Hold That Lion, Dora's Dunking Doughnuts, Lady Be Good, Destination 60,000; Mama Loves Papa, and The Flirting Widow. Added photos for The Marriage Clause, His Double Life,  Synthetic Sin and Dorothy Mackaill.
  • October 2023. Added pages for The Snakeville Sleuth, The Crowded Hour, Argentine Love, and Male and Female. Added photos for The Bedroom Window and The Noose.
  • September 2023. Added pages for The Fighting Grin, Within the Law, The Garden of Allah (1927), The Glad Rag Doll, The Way of a Man With a Maid, Good Neighbors, Lady of the Pavements, and Beyond the Time Barrier. Added Franklyn Farnum publicity photo. Added postcard for The Desert Song.
  • August 2023. Added pages for Fatty's Chance Acquaintance, Mabel and Fatty's Married Life, Judy of Rogue's Harbor, She's a Sheik, Ramona (1928), The Price She Paid, Nineteen and Phyllis,Storm King, Swiss Miss, and Mabel, Fatty and the Law. Added photo for Dangerous Blondes. Added Tim McCoy arcade card. Added programs for Keith's vaudeville Theatre and the Uptown Theatre. Added Lobby card for Blind Hearts.
  • July 2023. Added pages for Fiesta, Skin Deep, The Merry Monahans, Lightning, and Through Many Windows. Added photos for Block-Heads and Hail the Woman. Added program for Young's Ocean Pier Theatre and Hammerstein's Victoria Theatre. Added postcard for Fatty's Wine Party.
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