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Edgar Kennedy, Oliver Hardy, and Stan Laurel in TWO TARS (1928).

Edgar Kennedy, Oliver Hardy, and Stan Laurel in Two Tars (1928).

  • April 2017. Added pages for The Spendthrift, Rawhide, and Fort Worth. Added photo for Smiling Irish Eyes.

  • March 2017. Added pages for His Busy Day, Hula, Hop the Devil's Brew, The No-Good Guy, Hold Your Breath and Alibi. Added photo for Diamond Handcuffs. Added lobby card for The Moonshine Trail.

  • February 2017. Added pages for Back Pay, A Princess of the Hills, Stripes and Gigi. Added photo for The Band Wagon.

  • January 2017. Added pages for The Barrier, Rose o' the Sea, The Blues Brothers, The Band Wagon, Honest Injun, Bullet Proof and Eyewitness. Added herald for The White Pearl. Added photo for The Wall Flower.

  • December 2016. Added page for Somewhere in Time.

  • November 2016. Added heralds for Sweet Kitty Bellairs and The Big Sister. Added arcade card for Ella Cinders. Added photo for So Big. Added page for Chimmie Fadden.

  • October 2016. Added page for The Manicure Girl and Black Gold. Added photos for Baby Mine and Time to Love.

  • September 2016. Added pages for The Cossacks, Call of the Soul, Tom Brown's Schooldays, Quest for the Lost City and The Bohemian Girl. Added photo for Rookies. Added postcard for Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Added herald for Lilac Time.

  • August 2016. Added pages for They Came to Cordura, The Man Between, My Favorite Wife, Crime Control, Casey at the Bat, New York's Society Life and Under World, A Night at the Opera and City of Bad Men. Added page for Bim's Endicott Theatre in New York City. Added photo for Under the Black Eagle.

  • July 2016. Added photos for The Enemy, His Girl Friday and Behind the Door. Added programs for the Lincoln Theatre and the San Carlos Theatre in Los Angeles and the Fox Theatre in Mt. Holly, New Jersey. Added pages for The Philadelphia Story and Stalag 17.

  • June 2016. Added pages for The Perils of Pauline, A Jitney Elopement, A Gutter Magdalene, and Thrown to the Lions. Added photos for Ella Cinders, What Price Glory?, The Fair Co-Ed, and The Valentine Girl.

  • May 2016. Added photos for Diamond Handcuffs, His New Job, A Woman, and Dangerous Blondes. Added pages for The Milky Way, The Tramp, The Red Mill and Oriole Baseball Park (and theater). Added Prisoner of Zenda postcard.

  • April 2016. Added pages for the Liverpool Scala Super Cinema and Behind the Door, The Price of Fear, and Bringing Up Baby. Added Bringing Up Baby lobby cards. Added La Boheme movie program.

  • March 2016. Added page for Cupid the Cowpuncher and An Innocent Magdalene. Added Wings program. Added page for My Man Godfrey (1957) and This Woman. Added Grauman's Egyptian Theatre program for Romola. Added photo for Day of Faith.

  • February 2016. Added page for The Unchastened Woman. Added photos for His Girl Friday and Changing Husbands.

  • January 2016. Added pages for The Night Watch, Old San Francisco, Stairs of Sand, Manhattan Cocktail, Beau Geste, The Show Off, Sally and Street of Sin. Added Lambertville Strand Theatre program, Loew's State program and Brooklyn Loew's Melba Theatre program. Added heralds for Smiling Irish Eyes, Java Head, The Impossible Mrs. Bellew, Lawful Larceny, The Cheat, The Exciters, Ella Cinders, Manslaughter and The Silent Partner.

  • December 2015. Added photos for Topper Returns and That's My Wife. Added Méliès Star Films envelope. Added Ninety and Nine herald. Added page for An Unwilling Cowboy.

  • November, 2015. Added pages for His Mother's Son and A Walk in the Sun. Added photo for So Big. Added an additional Quo Vadis? herald.

  • October, 2015. Added photos for So Big, The Duchess of Buffalo, Irene, Naughty But Nice and Nothing Sacred. Added pages for Jazzmania, Branded, Monsieur Beaucaire and Son of the Sheik.

  • September 2015. Added pages for The Night Flyer, Painted Angel, Maybe It's Love, The Wind, the Allen Theatre and two Grand Theatre, Newcomerstown programs. Added photo for So Big. Added herald for The Big Parade.

  • August 2015. Added Wildflower photo. Added pages for What Price Glory?(1926) and Irene.

  • July 2015. Added photo for Our Modern Maidens and The Big Clock. Added Bertha Mann/Raymond Griffith photo. Added pages for Rustling For Romeo, Clothes, The Desert Flower, The Unwritten Law, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

  • June 2015. Added Roxy Theatre program. Added His Double Life photo. Added pages for Sensation Seekers, The Ninety and Nine, and The Adventurer.

  • May 2015. Added Operation Petticoat, The Return of Eve and Hard Contract pages. Added Finishing Touch and So Big photos. Added Colleen Moore publicity photo.

  • April 2015. Added program for The Big Parade. Added pages for Chasing Rainbows and The Cure. Added New York Strand Theater and Cleveland Knickerbocker Theatre programs.

  • March 2015. Added pages for Lutetia Cinéma, Paris program and two Chicago Dearborn Theatre programs. Added Dangerous Blondes and A Kiss for Susie photos. Added pages for Foraging, One Exciting Night, In Wolf's Clothing and Freud.

  • February 2015. Added page for Dancing Mothers. Added State Theatre program, Auckland Strand Theatre program and another Stanley Theater program.

  • January 2015. Addded pages for The Fair Co-ed and Fedora. Added photos for So Big, Miss Bluebeard and The Stolen Bride. Added six Stanley Theater programs.

  • This web site went on-line March 1, 1999.

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