The Adventures of Peg o' the Ring (1916)

The Moving Picture Weekly, July 8, 1916, synopsis for PEG O' THE RING with Grace Cunard and Francis Ford.

"Peg o' the Ring" Eleventh Episode

Latest two-reel Episode of the Current Universal Special Feature Serial, entitled "The Stampede," Shows Peg captured first by an Elephant from the Circus, and then by a band of River Pirates, and taken out to sea as a Prize.

SCENARIO by Grace Cunard. Directed by Francis Ford and featuring these two clever players in a series of hair-raising perils and escapes.



Grace Cunard

Doctor Lund, Junior

Francis Ford

Doctor Lund, Senior

Marc Fenton

Mrs. Lund

Jean Hathaway

Flip, the Clown

Pete Gerald

Marcus, the Hindoo

Irving Lippner

JUST as Peg is being rushed from the race-track in an automobile, young Doctor Lund springs on the running board of the machine and grapples with the ruffians. He succeeds in rescuing her from their clutches. Marcus then report to Mrs. Lund that he has again failed to get the letter. Mrs. Lund is furious. A few minutes later the doctor comes in and, seeing the two men there, gives them a thrashing and throws them out of the house. Mrs. Lund meets them outside and tells them to try one more to "get" Peg.

The Doctor now goes to Peg's tent at the circus to give her the letter which he has been keeping for her. But she overhears the ruffians planning to get it, so gives it back to him for safekeeping. Marcus and his man attack him, but he cleverly escapes.

Marcus now plans to shoot Peg while she is performing in the ring and has procured a Maxim silencer for that purpose. He shoots through a hole in the tent and succeeds in causing her to fall from her horse. Every one rushes to her assistance and in the general excitement an elephant gets loose. The elephant picks up Peg's prostrate body and runs off.

The elephant drops Peg in a lumber yard, where Flip and Dr. Lund go to look for her. But Peg is seen by a couple of harbor pirates, who decide to capture her. A young rowdy tries to save her, but is knocked aside. Dr. Lund finds the young men and learns that Peg has been taken away in a boat.  He hires a launch and follows with the rowdy.

On the boat the pirates draw lots for the possession of Peg. When she regains consciousness she struggles for her freedom and finally succeeds in defending herself in a room. Here the pirate who has won her comes for her.

But the doctor has boarded the boat with his friend. He looks for Peg while his friend holds the pirates at bay. After finding Peg and knocking out the man who was forcing his attentions on her, the doctor and Peg are cornered in the stern of the hip by the pirates who have overcome the young man, holding them at bay.

From The Moving Picture Weekly, July 8, 1916, page 19

with Grace Cunard, Francis Ford and Marc Fenton. Directed by Francis Ford. IMP/Universal.

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