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Ace of Hearts, The (1921) with Lon Chaney, Leatrice Joy, and John Bowers. Directed by Wallace Worsley. Goldwyn.

Adam's Rib (1923) with Milton Sills, Elliot Dexter, Theodore Kosloff, and Anna Q. Nilsson. Directed by Cecil B. De Mille. Paramount.

Adventurer, The (1917) with Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance and Eric Campbell. Directed by Charlie Chaplin. Mutual.

Aerial Joy Ride, An (1917) with Josef Swickard, Annette DeFoe and Raymond Griffith. Directed by Charles Reed. Fox.

The Affairs of Anatol (1921) with Gloria Swanson and Wallace Reid. Directed by Cecil B. DeMille. Paramount.

Affinities (1922) with John Bowers and Colleen Moore. Directed by Ward Lascelle. Hodkinson.

After the Ball (1914) with Herbert Kelcey, Effie Shannon and Robert Vaughn. Directed by Pierce Kingsley. Photo Drama Company.

After the Balled Up Ball (1917) with Phil Dunham, Lucille Hutton, and Merta Sterling.  Directed by Unknown. L-KO/Universal.

Ain't Love Grand? (1921) with Al St. John and Hillard Karr. Directed by Al St. John. Fox Sunshine.

Air Mail, The (1925) with Warner Baxter, Billie Dove, Mary Brian, and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.. Directed by Irving Willat. Paramount.

Alias Julius Caesar (1922) with Charles Ray, Barbara Bedford, and William Scott. Directed by Charles Ray. Associated First National.

Alibi, The [Jimmie Dale, alias The Grey Seal] (1917) with Elmo K. Lincoln, Doris Mitchell, and Paul Panzer. Directed by Harry McRae Webster.  Monmouth/Mutual.

Alster Case, The (1915) with Bryant Washburn, John Cossar and Anne Leigh. Directed by J. Charles Hayden. Essanay.

Aloma of the South Seas (1926) with Gilda Gray, Percy Marmount, Warner Baxter, and William Powell. Directed by Maurice Tourneur. Paramount.

Altars of Desire (1927) with Mae Murray, Conway Tearle, and André Beranger. Directed by Christy Cabanne. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley (1918) with Mary Pickford, William Scott, Norman Kerry and Kate Price. Directed by Marshall Neilan. Pickford / Paramount-Artcraft.

Amazons, The (1917) with Marguerite Clark, Eleanor Lawson, and Helen Greene. Directed by Joseph Kaufman. Famous Players/Paramount.

America (1924) with Neil Hamilton, Carole Dempster and Lionel Barrymore. Directed by D. W. Griffith. United Artists.

American Methods (1917) with William Farnum and Florence Vidor. Directed by Frank Lloyd. Fox.

Among Those Present (1921) with Harold Lloyd. Directed by Fred Newmeyer. Hal Roach/Associated Exhibitors.

Ancient Highway, The (1925) with Jack Holt and Billie Dove. Directed by Irving Willat. Paramount.

Annie Laurie (1927) with Lillian Gish and Norman Kerry. Directed by John S. Robertson. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Are Parents People? (1925) with Betty Bronson, Florence Vidor and Adolphe Menjou. Directed by Mal St. Clair. Paramount.

Argentine Love (1924) with Ricardo Cortez, Bebe Daniels, and James Rennie. Directed by Allan Dwan. Famous Players/Paramount.

Argyle Case, The (1917) with Robert Warwick and Elaine Hammerstein. Directed by Ralph Ince. Selznick.

Arizona (1913) with Cyril Scott and Gail Kane. Directed by Agustus Thomas. All Star Feature Film Corporation.

Arizona Express (1924), The with Pauline Starke and Evelyn Brent. Directed by Tom Buckingham. Fox.

As In a Dream (1916) with Sydney Ayres and Doris Pawn. Directed by Carl Leviness. Rex/Universal.

Arms and the Girl (1917) with Billie Burke and Thomas Meighan. Directed by Joseph Kaufman. Famous Players/Paramount.

As No Man Has Loved (1925) [AKA The Man Without a Country] with Edward Hearn, Pauline Starke, and Lucy Beaumont. Directed by Roland V. Lee. Fox.

Audrey (1916) with Pauline Frederick and Charles Waldron. Directed by Robert Vignola. Famous Players/Paramount.


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