Miscellaneous Publicity Photos

The major Hollywood studios sent out 5" by 7" photos of movie stars to fans who requested them. Also, they released 8" by 10" or larger portraits of performers in posed "candid" shots that do not represent a scene from a movie.

Jimmie Adams

Renée Adorée

Leah Baird

Theda Bara

Bessie Barriscale

Francis X. Bushman, Jr.

Nancy Carroll

Naomi Childers

Ethel Corcoran

Dolores Costello

Bebe Daniels

Billie Dove

Julian Eltinge

Franklyn Farnum

Pauline Frederick

Dorothy Gish

Lillian Gish

Corinne Griffith 

Raymond Griffith 

Sessue Hawakawa

Alice Joyce

Buster Keaton

Madge Kennedy and Mary Garden

Lupino Lane

Laura LaPlante

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

Jane Lee

May McAvoy

Tim McCoy

Dorothy Mackaill

Bertha Mann

Colleen Moore

 Mabel Normand

Ramon Novarro

Muriel Ostriche

Marie Prevost

Billie Ritchie

Joe Ryan

Ford Sterling

James Stewart

Edith Storey

Norma Talmadge

Florence Turner

Rudolph Valentino

Crane Wilbur

Esther Williams

 Janice Wilson

Clara Kimball Young

MGM Your Lucky Star, 1930

M-G-M Screen Forcast, Spring and Summer 1940

Stamps Featuring Silent Film Performers


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