Colleen Moore

Colleen Moore postcard

Colleen Moore postcard

British American Tobacco card featuring Colleen Moore

1935 British American Tobacco (BAT) card with Colleen Moore

British American Tobacco card featuring Colleen Moore

Cinema Celebrities (C)
This is one of a series of pictures now being packed with these cigarettes.
Famous Film Star

Press photo of Colleen Moore at her pool in 1934.


"COME ON IN - THE WATER'S FINE!" - Colleen Moore issuing an invitation to join her in the swimming pool of her Bel Air home. Colleen is missing this pool now. She could swim all the year in California - but she is in New York now - where it's colder'n cold.  Miss Moore just finished "Success Story" at RKO-Radio.

This photo is stamped May 2, 1934 and "The Cleveland News Reference Department, Cleveland, Ohio" on the back. "Success Story" was released as Success at Any Price in 1934.

Colleen Moore fan photo

Colleen Moore fan letter

This letter to fans from Colleen Moore was included when someone wrote requesting a fan photo.

Dear Friend:

Thank you so much for your kind note. It makes me happy to know that you are among the friends who are watching my efforts on the screen.

I recently returned from England, where I went to film many of the scenes fro my new First National picture, "WE MODERNS". This is the story of an English flapper, and is quite different from "SO BIG", "SALLY", "THE DESERT FLOWER", or, in fact, any of my recent pictures. We are finishing the production here in Hollywood, and I hope you will see it this fall.

My next picture after "WE MODERNS" will be "IRENE", adapted from the popular musical comedy of the same name. If you liked "SALLY" I am sure you will like "IRENE", for it was an even greater stage success than was the former.

I would like to write a long, personal letter to every one of my friends, but I know you understand that time doesn't permit. Please know, however, that I appreciate sincerely your kind letter.

Cordially yours,
Colleen Moore


Colleen Moore fan letter

Here's a second, later, letter that was included with requests for a fan photo:

Dear Friend:

Thank you very much for your kind note and I am only too happy to send you one of my photographs. It pleases me very much to know that you are watching my work on the screen.

Marshall Neilan, who directed me in my first important picture, 'Dinty', has just complete the direcction of my new picture "HER WILD OAT." I play the role of Mary Brown, who operates a lunch wagon; but whose burning ambition is to enjoy at least one 'fling' in high society, as it is described in the lurid Sunday newspaper supplements. So Mary takes her lifetime savings and goes to Plymouth Beach.

I must not tell you more now, but you may rest assured that Mary Brown has her troubles and joys in "HER WILD OAT."

Within a few weeks I shall start to work on "LILAC TIME", the beautiful stage play made famous by Miss Jane Cowl.

I would just love to sit down and write you a long personal letter, but I know you understand that time does not permit. However, I did certainly appreciate hering from you, and I shall be very happy if you will writ me from time to time.

With lots fo good wishes,
Cordially yours,

Colleen Moore


Colleen Moore fashion photo

A-641: A Colleen Moore fashion/publicity photo, probably from the late 1920s.

Colleen Moore fashion publicity photo

H-850: A First National publicity photo.

Colleen Moore fashion publicity photo by Paul Grenbeaux

E-7 (This photo by Paul Grenbeaux)

Colleen Moore fashion publicity photo by Paul Grenbeaux

E-11 (Photo is embossed "Paul Grenbeaux, L.A.")


Colleen Moore portrait

Colleen Moore publicity photo

A-718  A new pose of Colleen Moore, piquant First National star, whose new special production, "Lilac Time," has just begun an extended run at the Central Theatre, New York. George Fitzmaurice directed "Lilac Time."

383 Madison Ave., New York City

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Colleen Moore: A Biography of the Silent Film Star by Jeff Codori.

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