Unidentified Film Stills

Click here to see stills from an unidentified Thanhouser film from the teens.


Unidentified still #1

This still was included in a group of Paramount films from 1916-1917.  The person in the center may be Wallace Reid, and the woman may be Cleo Ridgley.

Unidentified still #3

This still is also probably a Paramount still from 1916-1917.

Unknown Universal Still

This still is almost certainly from a Universal production around 1917.  The still code "MCDERMOTT-2268", indicates that the director's last name was "McDermott".  Some still code lists show this as A WOMAN'S ONLY A WOMAN, but no film of that name was ever released.

Unidentified silent film photo

John Davidson on the ground.

 Unidentified photo of an early Edison film with Charles Ogle 

This is probably an Edison production still from around 1912-1914. Charles Ogle appears to be the actor at left and Jenny Bechtel (AKA Mrs. William Bechtel) seems to be the actress at left. The still is copyrighted (c) 1952 by Universal Pictures, and is stamped July 23, 1952 on the back. It may have been publicity for a "novelty" short that they released at the time. It is hard to tell from the director's profile, but he could be J. Searle Dawley.

The sign above the door is a quote from Exodus in the Bible, “Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long upon the land”.

Unknown Glenn Tryon movie photo

Glenn Tryon in an unknown film.

An unidentified photo that may be a Bill Cody western

An unknown western. That may be Bill Cody in the cowboy hat at the center.

An unknown western film from the 1910s.

An unknown western film from the 1910s.  Still code 632-5.

Unidentified silent comedy with Bobby Dunn

Bobby Dunn dressed as a baby, possibly Garry O'Dell as the policeman.

Unidentified western with Garry O'Dell

Garry O'Dell at left.

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