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Dorothy Mackaill brings greetings from Hollywood to the Hawaiian islands where she filmed scenes for the forthcoming First National picture, "Stranded in Paradise," in which she is co-starred with Milton Sills.  Six weeks were spent in the tropics with the film stars being the only actors working before the cameras, the other necessary roles being played by natives under the direction of George Fitzmaurice.  The picture is a screen adaption of the story, "Changeling," by Donn Byrne, and presents one of the most amazing love stories ever told.  (FIRST NATIONAL PICTURES, INC.)  383 Madison Ave., New York City

[This film was released as HIS CAPTIVE WOMAN (1929) with talking sequences. -- Bruce ]

Dorothy Mackaill postcard

Asta Film / Warner Bros. Production

Dorothy Mackaill

"Europe"          654

The back side just says "Made in France".

Publicity photo of Dorothy Mackaill

DM-136 Dorothy Mackaill. The back of this photo is stamped May 19, 1931.

Dorothy Mackaill in THE BARKER (1928)

Dorothy Mackaill in CONVOY (1927)

Dorothy Mackaill in HIS CHILDREN'S CHILDREN (1923)

Dorothy Mackaill in THE FLIRTING WIDOW (1930)

Dorothy Mackaill in LADY BE GOOD (1928)

Dorothy Mackaill in LUNATIC AT LARGE (1927)

Dorothy Mackaill in WATERFRONT (1928)

Dorothy Mackaill in THE GREAT DIVIDE (1930)

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