Bill Henry (1919)

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"Four Treatments Will Make Him Ten Years Younger."
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Wholesome and Entertaining Comedy Drama

A COMEDY drama set in a small-town hotel of the south with the star an unsuccessful peddler of electric vitrators and later a hotel clerk. This is a typical Charles Ray role and has a charming appeal. The action is never permitted to flag. Direction, continuity and photography up to standard.

The story is a very slight one to hang five reels upon, but it is comedy drama with the love element and the plot is cleverly developed by several pathetic and a great many comedy situations which register. Wholesome and entertaining.
Pulling possibilities and pleasing probbilities for the respective patronages are: -- Cosmopolitan, good puller and nicely pleasing; Elite, good puller and highly pleasing; Family, good puller and wholly pleasing; Labor, average puller and fairly pleasing -- Length, 5 reels. -- Released August 10. -- Tom Hamlin


Bill Henry Jenkins Charles Ray
Lela Mason Edith Roberts
Burton Rogers William Carroll
Uncle Chet Jenkins Bert Woodruff
Aunt Martha Jenkins Miss Jennie Lee Courtright
E. J. Burroughs Walter Perkins
Salesman Walter Heirs

 Story by Lois Zellner.
Scenario by Julien Josephson.
Directed by Jerome Storm.
Photographed by Chester Lyons.

"Bill Henry" is the title of the Ince-Paramount feature coming to the _____ theatre begining (sic) _____ with Charles Ray in the title role.
This is described as a delightful and typical Charles Ray comedy drama and Lois Zellner is the author.

The country boy starts selling electric vibrators without success for ten days and after losing his bicycle he becomes a clerk in the country hotel of his uncle in a small southern town nearby.

It was here that he met the girl from Iowa who came south to claim the land willed to her by a distant relative. When she finds the land is swampy and considered of no value she becoes heartbroken but our hero wins enough money in a poker game to buy the land without her knowing who the purchaser is.
There is plenty of comedy and pathos wedged about among these several incidents and situations, and also a charming love element. In the delightful characterization of "Bill Henry," Mr. Ray then manages to stage a fight with a scoundrelly real estate agent that is thrillingly realistic. And of course he wins the girl.

For after Bill buys the land and the girl gets her $350.00 he finds that a certain company is after it and sells it for $1,400.00. When he places the money with the real estate agent with instructions to also give this additional money to the girl the agent craftily gives him a blank receipt for the money and afterwards claims that he never received the cash.

It is this situation that riles Bill and inspires in him the desire to quare himself before the girl and his uncle. With the aid of his electric vibrator as an instrument of torture he forces the villain to confess and all ends happily.

-- Motion Picture News, August 30, 1919, p. 1862

with Charles Ray and Edith Roberts. Directed by Jerome Storm. Famous Players-Lasky/Paramount.

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