Business Before Honesty (1918)

Moving Picture Weekly August 17, 1918 synopsis for BUSINESS BEFORE HONESTY (1918)

”2-Reel L-KO Komedy. 


Willie Steal

Harry Gribbon

The Blind Man

Babe Hardy


Eddie Barry

The Woman

Mae Emery

Her Daughter

Helen Lynch

(Copyright 1918, L-KO Motion Picture Kompany.)

BABE HARDY is a professional blindman with a tin cup. Hisboy disguises himself as a lady and gathers in a few stray coins to aid hisdark bespectacled papa.

Willie Steal, a high-class society crook, seeing a beautifulautomobile, hands a “For Sale” sign on it, and nonchalantly awaits results. Maeand her daughter Helen, passing by, admire the car, and decide to purchase it,but only pay half of the money, telling Willie to call at their home for the balance.

On their homeward journey Mae and Helen encounter the poorblind man and his beautiful daughter “Nellie.” Mae is struck by the resemblanceof Nellie to her long lost sister and filled with compassion, asks “Nellie” andher father to live with her.

That night at Mae’s dinner table are Willie, Helen, thebeautiful Nellie and the blindman, who in some strange fashion always managesto take the largest portion of everything. Mae brings out a coal scuttle fullof gold from the safe with which to pay Willie. The guests gaze in amazementand each one carries his own little plot in his bosom. One by one they leavethe table to play with the safe. Willie goes after the money from one side,Eddie from the other, and the blind man is in the safe. A lively general mixup follows.                                         

From The Moving Picture Weekly, August 17, 1918, page 30.

Moving Picture Weekly August 17, 1918 page for BUSINESS BEFORE HONESTY (1918)

Moving Picture Weekly August 17, 1918 ad page for BUSINESS BEFORE HONESTY (1918)  with Harry Gribbon and Oliver Hardy

--is a genuine laughing fest, with a roar a second all the way thru. It's packed with the kind of comedy that always hits the funny spot of every audience. Book it and boost it, for it's a "fast one" --

Harry Gribbon and May Emory
--two of the cleverest comedy Stars in the comedy field to-day. Mirthful harry and voluptuous May with a snappy cast and action galore.

it's an L-KO

that will help build a regular Comedy night each week if you handle your comedies like a shrewd showman. Book this one. Book all L-KO's. Get the crowds and the profits with all L-KO's.


From The Moving Picture Weekly, August 17, 1918, page 27.

with Harry Gribbon and Oliver Hardy. Directed by Charles Parrott (Charley Chase). L-KO / Universal.

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