Danger Within (1918)

Zoe Rae and True Boardman in DANGER WITHIN (1918) movie herald

Little ZOE RAE and True Boardman in "DANGER WITHIN"



Tom Paulton .......... William Carroll

Grace Paulton .......... Winifred Greenwood

Dolly Paulton .......... Zoe Rae

Matthew Wedgestone .......... C. H. Mailes (Charles Hill Mailes)

Dr. Trevick .......... H. Dunkinson

Gilbert Bolton .......... True Boardman

Old Matthew Wedgestone's heart had been in quarantine for years.  It was almost an invitation to someone to quarantine his body.  So one fine morning a sign "Danger Within" appeared over the doorway of his mansion and three husky men saw to it that no one came in and that no one went out of the millionaire's house.  That's why Dolly Paulton, six-year-old daughter of his chief clerk, was forced to stay with the old bear.  She had gone in out of curiosity.

Of course it was all a frame-up.  The old millionaire's pet stocks were being raided in the market.

"If I could only get a message to your father," the crumbling crust of crabbedness complained as he ate the meal prepared for his helpless hunger by the little housekeeper.

"You make a fight at the front door and I'll slip out the back door with the note.  I've never been to the city but I'll do my best."

They saw her and it was like a whole city against her but when Dolly started anything she usually finished it

Savoy COME JAN. 9

Zoe Rae and True Boardman in DANGER WITHIN (1918) movie herald

with Zoe Rae and True Boardman. Directed by Rae Berger. Universal/Bluebird.

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