The Devilish Romeo (1921)

"Big" Joe Roberts, Bess True, and Hallam Cooley in THE DEVILISH ROMEO (1921)

Grif-5-2 "Big" Joe Roberts, Bess True, and Hallam Cooley

"Big" Joe Roberts and Bobby Dunn in THE DEVILISH ROMEO (1921)

Grif-5-21 "Big" Joe Roberts and Bobby Dunn

A William Fox Sunshine Comedy
The Devilish Romeo

The sign on the pole reads:

$5,000 REWARD

WANTED for  Bootlegging     Bigamy     Spitting on Sidewalk
Height 6 Ft. 3
Weight 300 lbs.
Face  Slightly Expressive

His Only Photograph

Dangerous Man to Handle

Signed, Slew Foote     Sheriff

Bess True, Ford West and Hallam Cooley in THE DEVLISH ROMEO (1921)

Grif-5-24 Bess True, Ford West (standing), and Hallam Cooley

A William Fox Sunshine Comedy
The Devilish Romeo

"A Devilish Romeo"
(Fox Sunshine Comedy -- Two Reels)

DOMESTIC difficulties and a burlesque of old time melodrama form the main ingredients of this Sunshine comedy. Better efforts at laugh-producers have reached the screen from this organization, and "A Devilish Romeo" may be classed no higher than the average. But the average Sunshine is a reliable, satisfying filler for any program.

Taking a henpecked husband, an indolent wife and a squalling baby, there is some household comedy in the beginning. Then the handsome villain, a former lover, comes along with a plot to destroy the domestic bliss of the home. He convinces the sheriff that hubby is a dangerous criminal who is "wanted for forgery, bootlegging and spitting on the sidewalk." But effeminate hubby finally gets good and sore, breaks out of prison and perits the comedy to end in a chase. The title-writer has had a lot of fun -- or perhaps it was trouble -- trying to find a pun for each title, with fair success.

The fat husband has great ability in moving his ears and blowing smoke out of them. -- MATTHEW A. TAYLOR.

-- Motion Picture News, August 27, 1921, page 1135

Strangely, the July 2nd, 1921 issue of the Motion Picture News says (on page 237) that Slim Summerville is directing this film.

with Hallam Cooley, Bess True, and Ford West. Directed by Frank Griffin. Fox Sunshine.

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