Esmeralda (1915)

ESMERELDA (1915) Photocard with Fuller Mellish and Mary Pickford.

WEEKLY WELCOME PHOTOCARD          Famous Players Film
(Mary Pickford)     The Interrupted Wedding     ("Esmeralda")

Fuller Mellish is just left of Mary Pickford.

From the November, 1915 Photoplay:

THE SHADOW STAGE by Julianne Johnston, page 83:

I believe I am one of many who are very, very anxious to see the long-promised "Madame Butterfly" by Mary Pickford.  Miss Pickford is enshrined in the hearts of all the people, not because she is the sweetest of limpid non-entities, but because she is a young woman of powerful personality and extraordinary dramatic talent.  Hers is an art which conceals itself.

Such hen-yard drama as as "Esmerelda" is as unworthy of criticism as it is unworthy Mary Pickford and her dignified and energetic managerial corporation.

with Mary Pickford. Directed by James Kirkwood. Famous Players/Paramount.

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Mary Pickford, Queen of the Movies, edited Christel Schmidt, pp. 247.

Mary Pickford, Rediscovered, by Kevin Brownlow, pp. 111.

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