The Flaming Frontier (1926)

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A Spectacular Thrilling Epic of the Glorious West

An Edward Sedgwick Production
A Universal Picture


Flaming Frontier herald

The Brilliant All-Star Cast of "The Flaming Frontier" is headed by Hoot Gibson, King of the Western Stars, as Bob Langdon, Army Scout; Dustin Farnum as Gen. Custer; Anne Cornwall, the "littlest star," as Betty Stanwood, Bob's sweetheart; beautiful Kathleen key, Lucretia Belden, "vamp"; Ward Crane, as Sam Belden, the heavy; that sterling actor George Fawcett, as Gen. Custer's friend, Senator Stanwood, and Walter Rodgers as President U.S. Grant.  Other favorites are: Harold Goodwin, Harry Todd, Marian De Beck, Charles K. French, Eddit Gribbon, Noble Johnson, William Steele, Ed. Wilson, Joe Bonomo.

Flaming Frontier herald


Mightiest Western Drama Ever Conceived

Three huge pictures in one -- the greatest western spectacle of all time -- a patriotic thriller, and an enchanting love story.  From "Flirtation Lane," "West Point"; and political intrigue in Washington, on to the sensational Indian fighting on America's last frontier, the thrilling story unfolds ina tumultuous sweep of gripping suspense, swift action, moments of laughter, the pathos of sacrifice -- reaching the screen's greatest climax -- General custer's immortal battle with Sitting Bull.

Above -- Sen. Stanwood's son is "framed" -- caught with Lucretia.

Hoot Gibson's riding is sensational.

Above -- Bob and Betty make good use of "Flirtation Lane."

Bob, the Army scout, leads the way for Gen. Custer.

The famous "Last Stand" of Gen. Custer and his gallant Seventh U.S. Cavalry.  Thousands of Indian warriors and Cavalrymen take part in these thrilling battle scenes.  Historically correct, you will never forget this marvelous portrayal of sublime courage in the face of death.  An astounding climax.

Flaming Frontier herald

To shield Betty's brother, Bob, though innocent, accepts his dismissal from West Point.

BELOW -- Naked, bloodthirsty -- thousands of Indians in their war dance vow death to the palefaces.

Caught swindling the Indians -- Belden defies Custer.

BELOW -- Every American will thrill at the old-time West Point scenes.

The realism of the Indian fighting may be judged from the fact that grandsons of many of the famous Chiefs who took part in the Custer Massacre appear in "The Flaming Frontier," many in the identical costumes handed down from grandfather to son and grandson.

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with Hoot Gibson, Anne Cornwall, and Dustin Farnum. Directed by Edward Sedgwick. Universal.

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