The Freshman (1925)

Harold Lloyd and Jobyna Ralston in THE FRESHMAN (1925)

Jobyna Ralston (center, at table), Harold Lloyd

Harold Lloyd and Jobyna Ralston in THE FRESHMAN (1925)

Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston

Harold Lloyd and Joseph Harrington in THE FRESHMAN (1925)

Harold Lloyd, Joseph Harrington, unknown

"Freshie" Sheet Music

The New Collegiate Fox Trot


Lyric by Jesse Greer and Harold Berg
Music by Jesse Greer

Harold Lloyd

As featured by FRED WARING'S PENNSYLVANIANS in the prologue to HAROLD LLOYD'S Greatest Comedy Success
"The Freshman"

with Ukulele Arrangement

Published by Shapiro Bernstein & Co. Music Publishers
Cor. Broadway & 47th Street, New York

Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.

Made in U.S.A.

with Harold Lloyd and Jobyna Ralston. Directed by Fred Newmeyer and Sam Taylor. Harold Lloyd/Pathé

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