Hesitating Horses (1926)

Eddie Quillan, Ruth Taylor, Danny O'Shea, and Alice Day in HESITATING HORSES (1926).

228.32 Eddie Quillan, Ruth Taylor, Danny O'Shea, and Alice Day. Barney Hellum in the hat at the arcade stand.

"Hesitating Horses"
(Pathe -- Two Reels)

As the title implies, a horse race is the crux of the situation in this Alice Day comedy. As usual the story is whimsical and decidedly amusing. Alice meets Ruth Taylor, a city girl, pictured here, and Ruth puts her wise to a lot of things. Despite her father's disapproval, Alice determines to enter their horse in a race and with Ruth's aid manages to get the horse to the track after the others have started and is in a fair way to wi the race even though she delays to powder her nose. The situation that gives the film its title is amusingly done. This picture is well up to the standard of the series. Eddie Quillan appears in his familiar role of a country lad with Danny O'Shea as a city chap ad Joseph Young again appearing as Alice's father. -- C. S. Sewell.

-- Moving Picture World, December 4, 1926, p. 355

"Hesitating Horses"
(Pathe-Sennett -- Two Reels)
(Reviewed by Paul Thompson)

PUT not your faith in rance horses, particularly if the horse in question has been taken in lieu of a seven-dollar debt as this one was. With the big race on which father's last hundred dollars was waged this horse, ridden by demure and attractive Ailce (sic) Day, after the race is well in hand, stops and with the aid of slow motion camera comes lazily loping in while the others in the race, this time with the camera's normal or accentuated speed, fairly fly past the finishing post. So it was not entirely the horse's fault. Before all this happened Alice was very much in the discard because a city girl with the most modish clothes comes along in a smart cart and captures the affections and attentions of the only two eligible young men in the neighborhood, Eddie Quillan and Danny O'Shea. Ruth Taylor is the vamp in question and she belongs to the classification and partly explains the Anita Loos theory.

The case includes: Alice Day, Eddie Quillan, Danny O'Shea, William McCall, Ruth Taylor and Joseph Young. The omnipresent Eddie Cline directs.

-- Motion Picture News, November 27, 1926, p. 2051

with Alice Day, Eddie Quillan and Ruth Taylor. Directed by Edward Cline. Sennett/Pathé.

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