Hollywood Boulevard (1936)

Betty Compson and John Halliday in HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD (1936).

1100-2/26 Betty Compson and John Halliday

IT'S EASY - John Halliday is explaining to Betty Compson the different technique that is necessary for talking pictures. "Hollywood Boulevard" is Miss Compson's initial introduction to this art. Marsha Hunt, Robert Cummings, C. Henry Gordon, and Miss Frieda Inescort also have prominent roles in the picture.

Poor Betty Compson. She had been a big star at Paramount ten years earlier. She freelanced during the 1930s, working at big studios like RKO and Paramount, as well as smaller studios like Monagram, but still this publicity writer thinks that she has never been in a talking film before this one. -- Bruce

with John Halliday and Marsha Hunt. Directed by Robert Florey. Paramount.

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