Mary Pickford in MY BEST GIRL (1927)

Mary Pickford in My Best Girl (1927)


Here you can find original photos, advertising, and other memorabilia from silent films. (We've thrown in a few early sound films also, especially if they feature silent film performers.)

Except where noted, all of our photos were scanned from original, vintage photographs issued by the studios when the film was released during the silent era.

Find Photographs of your favorite silent films and performers

Our film stills are in an alphabetical list by film title for easy searching. Check our performer list for stills of a particular actor or actress. Our publicity photo area has pictures of actors and actresses that are not tied to a particular film.

I have furnished scans of these photos to documentary producers and magazines.  If you need photos for your film or article, I can furnish high-quality scans or photographic copies.

Trying to identify a photo from a silent film?

Have a photo from a silent film that you can't identify?  If it has a code in the bottom corner, you might find it on our still codes list.

I also have quite a few photos in my collection that I have not been able to identify.  Click here to see if you can identify these performers and films.

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You can contact me by clicking on the feedback link, or by sending an e-mail to silentfilm at verizon dot net.

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