The Midnight Sun (1926)

Raymond Keane and Laura La Plante in THE MIDNIGHT SUN (1926)

4311-14 Raymond Keane and Laura La Plante


Raymond Keane, the movies (sic) newest comer, will make his debut with Laura La Plante and Pat O'Malley in the spectacular Universal production "The Midnight Sun". Dimitri Buchowetzki, the noted Russian director, discovered keane and gave him the leading juvenile role in this romance of Russia before the war. The excellence of his work followed by a five year contract with Universal. (sic) Raymond Keane and Laura La Plante in "The Midnight Sun".

Laura La Plante publicity photo for this film.

with Pat O'Malley, Laura La Plante, and Raymond Keane. Directed by Cecil B. DeMille. Universal.

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