The Midshipman (1925)

Harold Goodwin, Ramon Novarro, Wesley Barry, and William Boyd in THE MIDSHIPMAN (1925)

230-70 Harold Goodwin, unknown, Ramon Novarro, Wesley Barry, and William Boyd

Herald for THE MIDSHIPMAN (1925) with Ramon Novarro

Ramon Novarro
in the great Naval picture
The Midshipman


RAMON NOVARRO in The Midshipman

What You Will See:
Student life at Annapolis.
The Middle crew in the winning race with Princeton.
A complete Naval graduation.
Midnight capture of a girl aboard a speeding yacht.
U.S. Destroyer in action.
Two men... a death the pounding engine room of a fleeting vessel.
Man overboard. His heroic fight with a merciless ocean.
Rescue and a Middle's conquest of a girl's heart.

A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer PICTURE.

Herald for THE MIDSHIPMAN (1925) with Ramon Novarro

The Front Page Moving Picture Story
-- the loves and adventures of the Annapolis Naval Academy

ALL the glamour and rip-roaring fun of student life at Annapolis... The making of a Midshipman -- its humors and its hardships alike -- from the ruthless pranks of first-year initiation to the proud moment of graduation. Glorious and adventurous romance wherein a cadet's heart is torn between love and duty! A girl kidnapped at midnight and hurried out to sea on a speeding yacht. Destroyers to the rescue! It's heroic! It's splendid! The spirit of youth and gallant romance immortalized!

Made with the cooperation of the Navy Dept. -- with 2400 cadets in the cast.

Ramon Novarro in The Midshipman
directed by Christy Cabanne

scenario by F. McGREW WILLIS

The Navy Wins!     To the Rescue!     A Cadet's Honor At Stake!

A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer PICTURE

with Ramon Novarro, Harriet Hammond, and Wesley Barry. Directed by Christy Cabanne. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

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