Mozart Theatre - December 15, 1913

Mozart Theatre program, December 15, 1913
Mozart Theatre
11th Ave's Popular Movie

For Week Commencing
December 15th 1913

Mozart Press

Friday Dec. 26th

Dion Boucicault's Great Play of the South
"The Octoroon"
in 3 Acts

The raging fire abord the steamship.

The Indian's relentless pursuit of the villainous Mr. Closkey.

The death of Zoe, who dies rather than return to slavery, are a few of the incidents that key the interest to the highest pitch.

Admission 5 Cents

Mozart Theatre program, December 15, 1913


1. The War-Makers (in 2 parts)     Vitagraph
Featuring Maurice Costello and Mary Charleson
2. By Impulse (A Great Comedy)     Pathe
3. A Good Drama (Title not reported)


1. By Man's Law (in 2 parts)     Biograph
A strong labor picture with plenty of convincing action
2. Why I Am Here (comedy)     Vitagraph
3. A Western Drama (Title not reported)
4. Vaudeville Our Big Cabaret Show     8 Entertainers


Vitagraph Night, The Best Show of the Week
1. The Wreck (in 3 parts)     Vitagraph
Most Wonderful Picture ever Produced
2. The Schemers (A Great Comedy)     Vitagraph
Featuring John Bunny


1. Just Cissy's Little Way (comedy)     Lubin
Featuring Arthur Johnson
2. Little Kaintuck     Vitagraph
A Story of the Mountains
3. An Actors Romance (comedy)     Selig
4. Vaudeville


1. A Waif of the Desert (in 2 parts)     Lubin
A Great Picture of Early Days in the West
2. A Sense of Humor (A Fine Comedy)     Edison
3. A Good Drama (Title Not Reported)
4. Moving Picture Hero Contest.
Come and Vote for your favorite.


1. The Leading Lady (drama)     Vitagraph
2. The Naming of the Raw-hide Queen (west) Essanay
3. A Circumstantial hero (comedy)     Biograph
4. The Somnambulists (comedy)     Biograph
5. A good drama (Title not reported)


1. The Blue or the Gray (War drama)     Biograph
A Thrilling Story of the Civil War
2. All for Science (drama)     Biograph
3. Her Sick father (comedy)     Lubin
4. The Lost Switch (comedy)     Lubin
5. And Other Good Pictures

Notes: There was a Mozart Theater on 11th Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so this program may be from that theater.  It is unusual that a nickelodeon (5 cent theater) would have a program showing the whole week's films, and you can see that they didn't have the titles of all of the films from the exchange when the program was printed.  This "licensed" theater was showing films from the Patent Trust studios, and not from independent studios.  At this point in film history, most studios didn't release the actors' names, but this program lists the most popular Vitagraph and Lubin actors.  A "2 part" film means two reels, so about twenty minutes long.  Most of these films are one reelers, about 10-12 minutes long.

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