Mystery Man, The (1923)

Marie Mosquini and Snub Pollard in THE MYSTERY MAN (1923)

Marie Mosquini (left) and Snub Pollard (center).

The Mystery Man, Pathe

Snub Pollard is a "thousand eyed detective" in this two reel comedy. Whit it comes to relating his expoits, he has a wonderful imagination. He is given a chance to prove his ability by catching two thieves who have made off with a bag of money belonging to his sweetheart's father. Our hero retrieves the bad and Father gladly hands over his daughter (Marie Mosquini). But Snub's happiness is short-lived, for instead of the money the bag contains a hornet's nest. A chase ensues. By accident Snub catches the thieves and is reinstated in the good grace of father and daughter. This (?) on Sherlock Holmes is good entertainment. It will keep your audience smiling throughout.
-- Exhibitor's Trade Review, Aug 18, 1923, p. 507

"The Mystery Man"
(Pathe -- Two Reels)

SNUB POLLARD assumes the role of private detective in this one and the comedy element is derived from burlesquing the conventional Sherlock Holmes type of sleuth. Pollard's "big case" is the recovery of some valuable securities stolen from the auto of a rich man, who is also the father of a very pretty daughter. The capture of the thieves is a comparatively simple matter, but nevertheless the detective, despite the assistance of hounds of all descriptions, the ever-handy microscope, and traditional curved-stem pipe, misses the trail entirely. The absurdity of his procedure will undoubtedly win some real laughter. He recovers the loot, but quite by accident. He captures the thieves, too, but again only by accident. These sequences, especially those showing the capture of the bandits, are decidedly funny. His pursuit of the robbers leads him into various adventures, one of which leaves him dressed simply in his B. V. D.'s How he acquires some wearing apparel -- only to lose it again -- and then resorts to the old expedient of a barrel, which promptly sheds it staves, are also good for some laughs. In the end, he becomes mixed up in a marathon, where his union suit serves as an appropriate running costume. This idea has been used before, but it will probably prove laughable to most audiences despite the repitition. -- E. F. SUPPLE.

-- Motion Picture News, August 18, 1923, p. 778

"The Mystery Man"
(Pathe -- Comedy -- Two Reels)
This two-reel Pathe comedy, starring Snub Pollard, presents him in the role of a super-detective and is really a burlesque on the Sherlock Holmes type of stories. Considerable slap-stick is introduced and the hero meets with all sorts of exciting experiences, including having his pants catch on fire, sitting down in a gasoline can to extinguish the flames and then being blown to the top of a telephone pole and left in his B. V. D's by the force of the explosion. In this garb he gets mixed up ina race and by means of roller skates wins the race and the girl. It is an amusing offering, although considerable (sic) of the material has been used before. -- C. S. S.
-- Moving Picture World, August 18, 1923, p. 585

with Snub Pollard and Marie Mosquini. Directed by Hugh Fay. Hal Roach/Pathé.

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