Name the Man (1924)

Mae Busch and Conrad Nagel in NAME THE MAN (1924)

185-157 Mae Busch (second from left), Conrad Nagel (center judge)

Creighton Hale, Patsy Ruth Miller and Mae Busch in NAME THE MAN (1924)

Creighton Hale, unknown, Patsy Ruth Miller, Mae Busch

Trade ad for NAME THE MAN (1924)

Was she to blame?

Trade ad for NAME THE MAN (1924)

Victor Seastrom
has directed a giant attraction that will go down in box-office history. We state here unconditionally that Victor Seastrom's achievement is the most important screen work to be given exhibitors this year.


Trade ad for NAME THE MAN (1924)


All over the world this attraction will draw the money of the masses, because it speaks the language of the millions. it is the most significant picture creation from the pen of the world famous author
Sir Hall Caine

Trade ad for NAME THE MAN (1924)

Read This!

ANOTHER motion picture has been added to the industry. It is Victor Seastrom's "Name the Man!" adapted from Sir Hall Caine's novel, "the Master of Man." But it is not just another motion picture. It is something more than that.

It is a bit of Reality carved right out of life itself -- as real as the face of your mother, or your own hand. it convinces you of its Humanness, of its stature through its Simplicity.

There is no striving after effect. The story is just acted and directed Simply and Sincerely and the effect is there. Nobody knows how Seastrom does it.

But he does it. he has communicated his own Simplicity and Sincerity to Conrad nagel, Mae Busch, Patsy Ruth Miller, Hobart Bosworth, Aileen Pringle, Creighton Hale, and the other members of the cast; they have never acted better. No human heart can escape the Drama and the Emotion which Seastrom has lifted from life and transferred to the screen. It speaks the universal language of the heart, no matter how noble or ignoble that heart may be.

See it and be convinced how great a miracle the mechanism known as a motion picture camera is capable of, when there is Heart, intelligence, Humility and Sincerity in the driving force back of it -- the mind which directed it.

Conrad Nagel, Mae Busch, Patsy Ruth Miller, Hobart Bosworth, Aileen Pringle, Creighton Hale

Screen adaption by Paul Bern
June Mathis, Editorial Director

A Goldwyn Picture
distributed by 
Goldwyn - Cosmopolitan

(Four-page trade ad from either Moving Picture World or Motion Picture News)


with Mae Busch, Conrad Nagel and Hobart Bosworth.  Directed by Victor Sjöström.  Goldwyn.

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