Nature Incorporated (1916)

The Moving Picture Weekly, July 8, 1916, synopsis for NATURE INCORPORATED with Herbert Rawlinson and Agnes Vernon

Herbert Rawlinson In "Nature Incorporated"

SPLENDID Two-Reel Gold Seal Comedy-Drama, adapted from the Saturday evening Post story of Sinclair Lewis by Ben Cohn. Produced by William Worthington. All around good fellow marries a deaconess of nature and makes the best of the unusual near-to-nature life.  An excursion to the city and the old life convinces him that the nature colony is the real thing.


Billy Packard

Herbert Rawlinson

Prof. Tonson

William Canfield

Beulah, his daughter

Agnes Vernon

Beulah finds Billy quite a change from the other colonists.

BILLY PACKARD, a successful real estate promoter with decided epicurean tastes, is favored by a visit from Professor Tonson. The professor wants to start a health conony in some secluded spot where he and his followers can strengthen their weakened constitutions on a diet of peanuts and beans. They conclude the deal and the professor departs to his bean-eaters.

Some time later Billy visits the colony to see the "system." The colonists are basking in the sun, dressed in abbreviated sack-cloth garments, and attack the peanut-bean menu with avidity and stout hearts. The professor's daughter and chief assistant, Beulah, is delegated to show Billy about the place.

Billy at once falls in love with the girl and proposes. But she says that if he marries her he must come to live in the colony. He finally decides that the girl is preferable to beefsteak orgies, and so settles down as guardian of the beans and husband of the delectable Beulah.

Then is begun a conflict between Billy's Broadway habits and the simple life he is forced to lead.

The Professor often interests his pupils with a revelation of things which are to come, and Billy tells the Professor that he is going to have a revelation. It is that Beulah and he, Billy, must return to the city, and he mentions that said revelation would be worth five hundred dollars to him. They quickly come to terms.

The next morning, during the lecture, the revelation is announced. Beulah is very much surprised, but never hesitate to believe what her father says, and the two arrange to go to the city. Billy tries to sample every bill-of-fare in town, and absolutely refuses to have beans anywhere near him. It is Beulah's first trip to the city and she is in a continual state of happiness. But thelife begins to pall on Billy, however, and he decides that it is "Back to nature" for him. Billy finally tells Beulah of his scheme to get back to the city and have a real meal. It is a great surprise to Beulah, but Billy manages to comfort her and tells her that they will go back to the colony.

The deserters return and Billy now has an understanding with the Professor that as long as he can keep the other patients from seeing im, he can indulge in anything he likes. He and Beulah are contented with their lot, and one day as they listen to the Professor propound his usual question as to who is the greatest nature professor, Billy imitates him and asks who is the greatest naturalist. Beulah tells him that it is himself, and that the next head of the Packard nature colony will be Billy, Junior, unless he turns out to be little Beulah.

from The Moving Picture Weekly, July 8, 1916, p. 30

with Herbert Rawlinson, William Canfield and Agnes Vernon. Directed by William Worthington. Gold Seal/Universal.

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