The Pie-Eyed Piper (1918)

Moving Picture Weekly August 17, 1918 synopsis for THE PIE-EYED PIPER (1918)

Nestor Comedy.


Young Lochinvar

William Franey

The Fair Ellen

Za Zu(Zasu) Pitts

Bennie Byers

Milburn Moranti

The Bridesmaid

Lillian Peacocke

Ellen’s Father

Bobbie Mack

IT is the wedding day of Ellen, her parents having forced her into a marriagearrangement with her unworthy cousin. The bridegroom, late for the wedding,starts out in his jitney, and, stopping on the way to flirt with thebridesmaid, he is further delayed.

Young Lochinvar, accompanied by his trusty broadsword,passes the cousin, his rival, and, as the cousin is arrayed in his Sundayclothing, gets an inkling ther is something unusual happening at Ellen’s. Hefollows the cousin to the bride’s home, where the wedding is about to proceed,with the heart of the fair Ellen breaking.

But first Ellen and Young Lochinvar dance. They reach thedoor and Young Lochinvar seizes Ellen and carries her to his car, afterstealing the crank off the car of the cousin. Of course there is a wild chase,during which the entire wedding party get stuck in a hall of sand. Ellen andLochinvar, quicker that the rest, extricate themselves, and, taking thepreacher with them, the trio rides off, the preacher uniting the two lovers,and the others looking on in despair.

From The Moving Picture Weekly, August 17, 1918, page 30.

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with Zasu Pitts and Billy Franey. Directed by William Beaudine. Nestor/Universal.

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