Sapho (1917)

John Sainpolis and Pauline Frederick in Sapho (1917)

F143-13 John Sainpolis and Pauline Frederick

John Sainpolis and Pauline Frederick in SAPHO (1917)

F143-20 John Sainpolis and Pauline Frederick

Pauline Frederick in Sapho (1917)

F143-40 Pauline Frederick (center)

Pauline Frederick in SAPHO (1917) as Fanny Legrand, the Flower Girl

Caption: Fanny Legrand, the Flower Girl

Pauline Frederick in "Sapho"
Produced by the Famous Players Film Co.
Adolph Zukor, Pres. (c) 1917

Pedro de Cordoba and Pauline Frederick in SAPHO (1917)

Caption: "You are Wanted on a Charge of Forgery!"

Pedro de Cordoba is holding Pauline Frederick

Pauline Frederick in "Sapho"
Produced by the Famous Players Film Co.
Adolph Zukor, Pres. (c) 1917

SAPHO (1917) pressbook

How To Advertise
Adolph Zukor presents
by Alphonse Daudet

A Paramount Picture

Adolph Zukor Pres.  Jesse L. Lasky Vice Pres.  Cecil B. DeMille Director General
New York
Paramount Pictures          Artcraft Pictures

Pauline Frederick in SAPHO (1917) pressbook

Stock production cuts and mats on "SAPHO"

A Paramount Picture
One-column Cut and Mat

A Paramount Picture
Two-column Cut and Mat

Pauline Frederick in SAPHO (1917) pressbook



Cast and Story of Pauline Frederick's Superb Paramount Photoplay, "Sapho"

The Cast
Sapho (Fanny Legrand)  Pauline Frederick
Caoudal Frank Losee
Dejoie John Sainpolis
Flamant Pedro de Cordoba
Jean Gaussin Thomas Meighan

SAPHO, whose real name is Fanny Legrand, is the daughter of a poor couple, her father being a coachman, and her early home is little more than a hovel in the slums of Paris. She is one of the quaint girl flower-sellers on the streets of Paris earning a few sous daily which she is compelled to give toward the support of the family. It was while selling her wares inone of the big restaurants that she is first seen by Caoudal, the famous sculptor, who recognizes her wonderful beauty and persuades her to pose for him.

The luxury of his studio opens her eyes to the miserable squalor of her own home and awakens in her an unsuspected love for the beautiful things in life. One step leads to another, and it is not long before she becomes the mose talked-of and sought-after model of Paris, adding almost daily to the admiring throng of suitors which surrounds her.

She is content to live in this way, revelling in beauty and the admiration of her friends and Caoudal himself, until Dejoie, the poet, moved by her beauty, writes verses to her which make both himself and her still more famous, winner her away from caoudal. The poet is too old to hold the attention of the young girl who craves young society and admiration, so when she meets handsom young Flamant, she lightly tells Dejoie that he is "too old" and gains the friendhsip of the younger man.

Flamant is an engraver and fiends himself hard put to it to gratify the expensive shims of Sapho, but as he is really very fond of the handsom model. he manages to forge a name and obtain money under false pretences. His ruse is discovered, and as the gendarmes come to lead him away to prison, Sapho receives an invitation to a ball to take place that very evening.

At the ball she appears as "Sapho" and there meets for the first time the student, Jean Gaussin, with who she falls violently in love. It is a case of love at first sight on both sides and the two are very happy, and Sapho is learning to express the better side of her nature when Jean is shocked by accidently learning of her past life. It is the "beginning of the end."

Jean finally weds a little country girl and Sapho turns Red Cross nurse and consecrates the rest of her life to that noble work.

PRESS          PRESS
Pauline Frederick Scores Great Success in "Sapho"

Of the many Paramount pictures in which Pauline Frederick has appeared, perhaps the one best suited to her marvelous ability is that in which she plays the title role of "Sapho," and in which she achieved a triumph at the .......... theatre yesterday. It is the story of a butterfly-woman, not bad at heart, but, through early environment and education, ignorant of the best principals of life. The story of how she fights her way as model and finally becomes a Red Cross nurse, is portrayed by Miss Frederick in her own masterly manner. The screen Sapho is a character that is as famous in filmdon as the original is in literature.

The supporting players are excellent in their various portrayals. Frank Losee was artistic as Caoudal and pedro de Cordoba did well as Flamant. Thomas Meighan was most praiseworthy as Jean.

Pauline Frederick in SAPHO (1917) pressbook

Stock Production Cuts and Mats on "Sapho"

A Paramount Picture
Three-column Cut and Mat

Pauline Frederick in SAPHO (1917) pressbook

To Be Sent to the Newspapers Prior to and During the Display of Pauline Frederick's Powerful Photoplay

A Paramount Picture

Changes in Story for Pauline Fredick Were Deemed Essential

HUGH FORD, who directed the Paramount adaptation of Daudet's classic "Sapho" in which Pauline Frederick is starring and which will be shown at the .......... theatre next .........., found the screen interpretation of "Sapho" one of the most interesting in all his varied experience.

"A thorough study of the original story as well as an investigation of the methods employed in the stage version convinced me," he said, "that we would have to effect certain important changes in the construction of the screen play. To this end, we tried to lighten every tragic or especially dramatic part of the story with little touches of humor.

"Also, the ending, which in the original was rather dramatic and left an unpleasant impression, has been changed completely and we have made Sapho, who in the book simply continued her former mode of life after leaving the young Jean Gaussin, turn Red Cross nurse and devoe the rest of her life to doing good.

Midd Frederick has given a marvelous interpretation of this characer and we are sure that her thousand of admirers will find this one of the best pictures in which she has ever appeared.

"Sapho" Fine Picture

GIVEN Pauline Frederick as the famous "Sapho," Thomas Meighan as her student-lover, Gaussin, and other in the cast of such excellence as Frank Losee, John Sainpolis, Pedro de Cordoba -- and Hugh Ford as director, and the result will be what might be expected, a typical Paramount picture, full of "heart interest" as well as touches of pathos and humor, and best of all, Pauline Frederick at her brilliant best.

Pauline Frederick Finely Draws Character in Remarkable Picture "Sapho"

Made famous by a statue for which she posed and by poems inspired by her wonderful beauty, Daudet's famous character, "Sapho" voluntarily chose to give up all the fame and notoriety which might have been hers to live in semi-poverty for the same of Jean Gaussin, the young student.

Pauline Frederick, in the Paramount adaptation of the world famous story which will be shown at the .......... theatre next .........., has drawn a life-like portrait of this girl, uneducated, unrefined and yet the inspiration for some of the greatest men and artists of the time. What was it that fascinated her admirers, that brought all Paris to her feet -- and yet at the end drove her to leave all splendor and luxury for the self-sacrificing career of a Red Cross nurse? The answer will come to you when your see the picture.

"Students Admire "Sapho"

STUDENTS of human nature will revel in Pauline Frederick's "Sapho," her Paramount picture which will come to the .......... theatre next .......... . In it Miss Frederick has drawn with touches as sure and masterly as those of an artist on his screen, the volatile character of the girl she is portraying. It is extremely interesting to note how bit by bit she builds and oulds the character until at last the finished "Sapho" is revealed. The Support is excellent.

"Sapho" Draws Crowds

"Sapho" is the attraction at the .......... this week, where it is attracting large audiences at every display.

This Fact Leads to Amusing Incident During Screen of Big "Sapho" Picture

DURING the filming of "Sapho," Daudet's immortal story of a French sculptor's model, in which Pauline Frederick is eing starred by Paramouns and which will be shown at the .......... theatre next .......... some of the members of the case who did not know Miss Frederick well, began talking in school-book French while standing near her waiting for the signal from the director for their scene.

They made fun os everything and everybody in sight, and were about to say something about the sculptor who was putting the finishing touches on the statue of Miss Frederick in a corner of the studio, when the star, who could control her laughter no longer, brokin in with a flood of real Parisian French which so startled the would-be linguists that they turned and fled in dismay, vowing never to air any of their accomplishments again in the presence of Miss Frederick.

The supporting company, headed by Thomas Meighan is most praiseworthy.

"Sapho" in Moulin Rouge

IN the days before the war, when Paris was said to be the "Heaven of all good Americans," the Moulin Rouge was the goal of all their pilrimages in that great city. It is here that the opening scenes of Pauline Frederick's Paramount picture, "Sapho,' which is on view at the .......... theatre this week, are laid, and the star appears as a simple little flower girl with woolen gown and shawl and a tray of bright flowers which she sells to the merry-makers of the place.

Pauline Frederick in SAPHO (1917) pressbook

One Sheet
Three Sheets
Six Sheets

Pauline Frederick in SAPHO (1917) pressbook

Adolph Zukor presents
A Paramount Picture
By Alphonse Dauder (sic)

A STORY famed throughout the world. A startling picture of a Paris artist's model's soul, that has taken its place among the foremost classics of the screen. Beyond a doubt, the greatest emotional role that Pauline Frederick ever played.

Fascinating in its beauty and amazing situations. Overwhelming in its dramatic power. You'll be sorry if you don't come!

Paramount-Bray Pictograph

Mon., Tues. - 11 to 11

Adolph Zukor presents
A Paramount Picture
By Alphonse Dauder (sic)

BACK again -- for two days only! The great French epic of a woman's soul!

As a play -- a sensation in New York and London. As a picture -- a flood of human emotion.

Sapho, fairest of Parisian models, raised to fame by a peerless statue, lauded in poem and song, showered with wealth by slaves to her beauty, turns at last to loave and a humble home, at the call of her better self.

Directed by Hugh Ford. With Frank Losee, Pedro de Cordoba and Thomas Meighan in the brilliant supporting cast. Don't miss it this time!

Paramount-Mack Sennett Comedy

Both Charting the Sky and Trying to Get Along were released in 1919, so this pressbook is for a re-release of Sapho (1917). -- Bruce

with Pauline Frederick, Frank Losee, Thomas Meighan. Directed by Hugh Ford. Famous Players/Paramount.

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