Scandal (1915)

Scandal Mongers (1918)

Lois Weber in SCANDAL (1915) / SCANDAL MONGERS (1918) on the cover of "The Moving Picture Weekly"

Price Ten Cents
The Moving Picture Weekly
Vol. 6 - No. 23          July 20th, 1918

"Scandal Mongers"
Lois Weber (center)

SCANDAL (1915) / SCANDAL MONGERS (1918) in "The Moving Picture Weekly"

One of the most talked about Photo Dramas ever screened

Revised Version of LOIS WEBER'S Sensational "SCANDAL" Prodution
Book thru your local BLUEBIRD Exchange or Bluebird Photoplays, Inc. 1600 Broadway, New York

NOTE: This ad is from Moving Picture Weekly, July 20, 1918, page 31. Universal re-edited the original 1915 film and re-issued it under the Scandal Monger title.

with Lois Weber, Phillips Smalley and Rupert Julian. Directed by Lois Weber. Universal/Bluebird.

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