A Son of Erin (1916)

Winifred Kingston and Wilfred McDonald in A SON OF ERIN (1916)

 11 - A Letter from Dennis
Pallas Pictures Presents Dustin Farnum in "A Son of Erin" (c) 1916
Winifred Kingston and Wilfred McDonald

Dustin Farnum, J. H. Hazelton and Wallace Pyke in A SON OF ERIN (1916)

10 -I Came To Be a Policeman
Pallas Pictures Presents Dustin Farnum in "A Son of Erin" (c) 1916
Dustin Farnum at left, J. H. Hazelton at desk, Wallace Pyke at right.

J. H. Hazelton and Dustin Farnum in A SON OF ERIN (1916)

12 - Refusing to Graft
Pallas Pictures Presents Dustin Farnum in "A Son of Erin" (c) 1916
J. H. Hazelton and Dustin Farnum

As its next release on the Paramount Program, Pallas Pictures announces "A Son of Erin" starring Dustin Farnum. The subject is particularly timely in that it treats with metropolitan politics and offers Dustin Farnum in the role of an honest young Irishman who succeeds in breaking up a big political machine. In contrast with the complex unseen currents of graft in a big American city, "A Son of Erin" presents also the daily life of the poor farm tenants in Ireland. The quaint charm of old Erin together with various incidents of particular heart appeal are displayed with typical Pallas Pictures effectiveness.

In addition to its stirring dramatic theme, offset by scenes of heart interest, the new Dustin Farnum vehicle presents a big thrill in the way of the spectacular collapse of a poorly built viaduct. It was only after extended search and negotiation that the desired location was secured for this scene which presents the actual destruction of a portion of a big viaduct now in the course of construction near Los Angeles. Five camera-men were used to insure the filming of this scene.

Never has Dustin Farnum appeared in such a human, likable role as that of Dennis O'Hara the frolicsome though strong-willed young Irish lad in this photoplay. The character is different from anything in which he has appeared on the screen before and offers another example of his versatility. Appearing opposite the star is his well known leading lady Winifred Kingston, in the role of the sweet Irish Lass. Others in the cast are Jack Livingston, J. Wallace, Winfred McDonald, Wallace Pyke, Lee Willard, Mabel Wiles and Hugh B. Koch.

Staged under the direction of Julia Crawford Ivers, who is also its author and photographed under the supervision of J. O. Taylor, "A Son of Erin" offers another Pallas Pictures masterpiece as regards detail and thoroughness of settings, together with artistic photographic effects. It will be released on the Paramount Program, November 9.

-- Moving Picture World, November 4, 1916, p. 718 and
-- Motion Picture News, November 5, 1916, p. 2842

Dustin Farnum Is Seen in a Pallas Five-Reel Screen Play of Good Quality -- Released on the Paramount Program.
Reviewed by Edward Weitzel.

In "A Son Of Erin", starring Dustin Farnum, the hero realizes his ambition -- he becomes a New Yor policeman. Having been born on the "old sod" and thus qualified for the position, he loses no time in trying to get on the force, once he has landed at the Battery. The author of "A Son of Erin" has aimed to write an entertaining story about familiar phases of life, and has kept to well-beaten paths in his choice of material.

Events open in Ireland, Dennis O'Hara and Katie O'Grady are sweethearts. Both are poor, and a rascally landlord adds to their troubles. Learning that the manifest destiny of every Irish lad is to go to New York and become a policeman, Dennis accepts his fate and sails for America, after Katie has made a great sacrifice and paid for his passage. After considerable trying experience the young chap passes his police examination and is just about to send for his sweetheart when he is made the scapegoat in graft exposure and deprived of his uniform. He goes through several more trying experiences, in which his honesty is equal to the test, and eventually finds himself back on the force, the gold badge of a captain of police on his breast. Ktie, who has been having an unpleasant time at home, with the rascally landlord, is sent for and almost overwhelmed at the sight of Dennis in his new uniform.

In writing his scenario, if the author of the photoplay did not have Dustin Farnum in view it was a lucky day for him when this always reliable actor was given the part of Dennis O'Hara. Mr. Farnum has so many engaging qualities and embodies the character with so much manliness and so lively a sense of humor, that he wins and holds the admiration through the entire five reels. The story never rises to the superlative degree of merit, but is clean, natural, and thanks to the star and his support, always entertaining. The atmosphere of the land of St. Patrick is well sustained, but using Los Angeles for the New York City scenes is not an absolute success.
Winifred Kingston plays Katie O'Grady effectively and makes a pretty little colleen. Tom Bates, Jack Livingston, Wilfred McDonald, Wallace Pyke, Lee Willard, Mabel Wiles and Hugh B. Koch are happily cast.

-- Moving Picture World, November 11, 1916

Pallas. Five Reels.
Released Oct. 27 by Paramount


Dennis O'Hara Dustin Farnum
Katie O'Grady Winifred Kingston
Patrick O'Grady Tom Bates
Brian Trelaway Jack Livingston
Terence Wilfred McDonald
Dan O'Keefe Wallace Pike
George Hardin Lee Willard

 Story -- Modern comedy drama with a few scenes laid in Ireland. Good part of the story takes place in America.
Action -- Fairly interesting
Continuity -- Disjointed.
Suspense -- Passably holding
Detail -- Unsatisfactory.
Atmosphere -- Fair.
Photography -- Very good.

"A Son of Erin" is entirely away from the sort of vehicle in which Dustin Farnum is wont to display his screen talents. In the character of a young Irish policeman (an honest one, too), he is dismissed from the force because of his refusal to collect graft for his superiors. As foreman of a contracting company, he again encounters the graft evil and after a series of misadventures becomes head of a series of misadventures becoes head of a powerful reform party. His work finally regains him a place in the police department, but this time as the captain. Then there is the little girl in Ireland who is waiting for Dennis to make good. Of course she comes to America, and they live happily every after. The story is pleasing, and many little human touches help to make it entertaining. Farnum's work is excellent and Winnifred Greenwood makes an acceptable colleen. Barring a few inconsistencies and some trite situations "A Son of Erin" presents the well known star in a "different" story which should please.

Box Office Value.
For houses charging a lower scale of prices this picture will get the money.
-- New York Clipper, November 1, 1916, p34

with Dustin Farnum, Winifred Kingston and Tom Bates. Directed by Julia Crawford Ivers. Pallas/Paramount.

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