The Ventures of Marguerite (1915)

Marguerite Courtot in THE KIDNAPPED HEIRESS, chapter three of THE VENTURES OF MARGUERITE (1915).

The Kidnapped Heiress featuring Marguerite Courtot in the new Kalem series The Ventures of Marguerite

The Kidnapped Heiress is chapter three of the series (not a cliff-hanger serial) The Ventures of Marguerite. Robert Vaughn is holding Marguerite Courtot's arm.

Featuring Marguerite Courtot in an Episode of

Peter Enright, the old family friend RICHARD PURDON
Frances, her maid HELEN LINDROTH
Leo, Frances' husband FRANK HOLLAND
Garrett, leader of the kidnappers ROBERT VAUGHN
Max, one of the band HARRY EDWARDS

Producer, Hamilton Smith     Released Friday, November 12th

AWAKENED, Marguerite sees an intruder rifling her jewel case. Flooding the room with light, the heiress discovers the thief to be frances, her maid. Bursting into tears, Frances informa Marguerite that she turned thief to save her husband.

According to the maid, Leo, her husband is in the power of a band of crooks. Although trying to earn an honest living, the man is being hounded by the hand which desires to help in a projected burglary. In reply to Frances, who fears to appeal to the police, Garrett, the chief of the thieves, has consented to leave Leo in peace for $1000.

Impressed by her maid's story, the impulsive girl promises to help her. Her efforts come to naught, however, the heiress being captured by the thieves who then hold her for ransome (sic). This is due to no fault of Frances, who informs her husband of Marguerite's peril.

Desperate, and determined to save the girl who tried to help him, Leo hastens to the kidnappers' rendezvous. There, because of his assistance, Marguerite is enabled to make her escape after a sensational pistol duel. The police, attracted by the shooting, descend upon the den and round up the desperadoes. Aided by the heiress, Leo and his wife know happiness once more.

Special 1, 3 and 6-Sheet 4-Color Lithographs for Each Episode

-- Kalem Kalendar, November, 1915, p. 18

The Kidnapped Heiress

ANOTHER of the wonderfully exciting episodes of "THE VENTURES OF MARGUERITE," the new KALEM series of single reel dramas featuring dainty Marguerite Courtot, will be shown at the ..... on ...... It is "THE KIDNAPPED HEIRESS," and tells of what befalls Marguerite when this girl tries to help Leo, her Maid's husband, who has fallen into the power of a band of thieves. Miss Courtot is splendidly suited to enact the central role in this series. Her winsomeness and dramatic talent have never been more in evidence. See "The Kidnapped Heiress." You will enjoy every moment of it.

-- Kalem Kalendar, November, 1915, p. 32

THE KIDNAPPED HEIRESS (No. 3 of "The Ventures of Marguerite" -- Kalem) Nov. 12 Marguerite gets into serious trouble by trying to assist her maid, in this one-reel episode of her adventures. A band of kidnappers furnish plenty of excitement for the young lady and keep the interest at high pressure. Miss Courtot has the support of Richard Purdon and a good cast.

-- Moving Picture World, November 20, 1915, p. 1499

"The Kidnapped Heiress" (Kalem, Fri. Nov. 12.) -- The third of the "Ventures of Marguerite" finds Marguerite Courtot captured by a band of thieves, while attempting to assist the husband of her maid. The thieves hold her for ransom, but Leo, the man she was trying to help, comes to her rescue, and after a thrilling pistol duel she is rescued. The shouting attracts the police, who round up the gang, and Marguerite's object: to save Leo from their hounding, is accomplished. Marguerite Courtot is assisted by Richard Purdon, Helen Lindroth, Frank Holland, Robert Vaughn, and Harry Edwards.

-- Motion Picture News, November 20, 1915

with Marguerite Courtot and Richard Purdon. Directed by Hamilton Smith. Kalem.

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