The Whirlwind Finish (1918)

Moving Picture Weekly August 17, 1918 synopsis for LOCKED IN THE TOWER, Chapter 3 fromTHE BRASS BULLET (1918)

2-Reel Western and Railroad Drama.

JAMES RANNEY, wealthy owner of the famous Piedmont Stable, is grateful to his faithful jockey, Danny Schnell, for saving thelife of his little daughter. A week later, during the running of the Stake race, Schnell is thrown, and, as his injuries are pronounced incurable, he is sent to hisCalifornia home.

Ten years elapse, during which Ranney’s luck has changed,and he is greatly in debt. Elinor, now grown to young womanhood, is herfather’s companion and mainstay. Father and daughter own but one horse, who is called “Lovetie.” Bob Nesbit, an owner of a fancy stable, is infaturated withElinor, but the girl loathes him.

When her father is suffering with an attack of lumbago,Elinor goes to consult a doctor who has lately begun practice in the town. After treating her father, assures the old man that he will be well within a few days.

There is to be another race on the track, but Ranney’s horse “Lovetie” is too old and worn to participate. Dr. Schnell, however, takes the mare for a patient, and in a few days, she shows signs of her old time goodness.The doctor also tells Raney that he will supply him with a jockey for the race. Ranney and Elinor get the surprise of their lives when they discover tha facttha the jockey, who they thought incurable, was none other than the once famousand high-priced stable jock, Danny Schnell. Of course Danny wins the race, andthe story concludes with a love scene between Dr. Schnell and Elinor when thedoctor proceeds to tell her how he had changed his name when he adopted the professionof jockey and how, when sent home to die, he was cured, and later took up the study of medicine.

From The Moving Picture Weekly, August 17, 1918, page 31.

with Marie Walcamp. Directed by Henry MacRae. Universal.

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