White and Unmarried (1921)

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Moving Picture World, June 11, 1921, page 642

"White and Unmarried"

Paramount Picture Starring Thomas Meighan is Bully Good Yarn

Reviewed by Edward Weitzel

Another nice crook who reforms and becomes a perfect gentleman is the hero of "White and Unmarried," a Paramount Picture starring Thomas Meighan. The author has made such a bully good yarn of it, that no one is going to give a hang if it never happened.  As a "slice of life" it simply isn't; but as a light hearted bit of romance, with a versatile second story man as the central figure, it's the goods.  Who is going to try to resist a crook-hero who goes about his business of picking up other people's property with a smile on his face and ransack a bureau drawer without suggesting the need of sneaky music, who reforms the instant he falls heir to a million, who lands an upper-cut on the jaw of a French thug, cleans up a band of Apaches, saves the French government the trouble of executing the two leaders by filling them full of American bullets and rescues the heroine in the very best style known to fiction?  None of Tom Meighan's admirers are going to do anything but hand him their kind applause.  One of the big comedy points of thestory is where a waiter in a rather questionable Paris restaurant steals the reformed-crook's watch and he promptly steals it back again.  There are several ethical angles that would be somewhat awkward to explain in a serious story, but "White and Unmarried" shoud never be taken seriously.  It's always entertaining, and that is enough.

The production answers every requirement.  Jacqueline is particularly clever as the French dancer, Andree Duphot.

The Cast

Billy Kane

Thomas Meighan

Andree Duphot

Jacqueline Logan

Dorthea Welter

Grace Darmond


Walter Long

Mr. Welter

Fred Vroom

Mrs. Welter

Marion Skinner


Georgie Stone


Jack Herbert

Adapted from the story "Billy Kane, White and Unmarried" by John D. Swain
Scenario by Will M. Ritchey
Directed by Tom Forman

The Story

Called a hermit burglar because he works alone, Billy Kane reforms when his uncle dies and leaves him a million.  While robbing the house of a millionaire named Welter, the hermit picks up a picture of his victim's daughter.  She is a pretty girl, and when Billy meets her and her parents on an Atlantic liner, he proceeds to coltivate her acquaintance.  Mrs. Welter is looking for a title for her daughter, but permits the ex-crook to take her out alone when they reach Paris.  At a celebrated dance hall Mrs. Welter becomes infaturated with a french crook named Marechal, and dances with him, while Billy is trying to flirt with a little dance of the place who is known as Andree Duphot.  Chicoq, an Apache leader, is jealous, and tries to stab Billy, but is knocked down by the American.  Billy, Marechal and Miss Welter to to another resort, and the American learns that the Frenchman is a pick-pocket.

The Apache kidnaps Andree and takes her to an old farmhouse in the country.  In the meantime, Miss Welter marries Marachal, who leaves her when he finds out his father-in-law will not support them.  Billy meets the deserted bride and learns from her that the Apache and her husbands are pals, and that she knows where the little dancer is concealed.  Billy goes there, shoots up the place, kills Marechal, the Apache and another member of the gang, and rescues Andree.  Marechal's widow is thus freed from a distasteful marriage, and Billy weds the French dancer.

Moving Picture World review of WHITE AND UNMARRIED (1921) with Thomas Meighan

with Thomas Meighan, Jacqueline Logan and Grace Darmond.  Directed by Tom Forman.  Paramount.

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